Agnieszka and Tomasz

Magdalena is an amazing professional in every way. Her help in organizing our wedding was invaluable. Everything worked like a Swiss watch. It is worth to trust her creative ideas, because they gave our party a unique character 🙂

With a clear conscience I recommend Kurlovicz Wedding Planner services!

Monika and Sebastian

Madzia is a GOLDEN woman! If it wasn’t her, we wouldn’t be able to refine many details. I am extremely grateful for the professional help! Thanks to Kurlovicz Weeding Planner my sleep was much calmer and my thoughts were sorted out.

Martyna and Marcin

In such a short time you have made it practically impossible! Great cooperation. Thank you for everything and we highly recommend it!

Magda and Piotr

Every detail was made in such a beautiful and tasteful style. All guests were incredibly surprised and enchanted by decor. Madzia acts as a sedative, zero stress and nerves throughout the preparation process. Nothing would have been possible without her. Thank you!

Kamila and Konrad

Such a day happens once in a lifetime, it is known that it is associated with huge stress, unless there is Madzia in the area. Full professionalism, mastery of a good word and devotion to the case, I highly recommend it! If you do not want to leave everything to accident, please contact her.